How To Get Free Legendary Cue in 8 Ball Pool Game

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What are the cues? How to Get Free Legendary Cue? Cues are the main feature of the 8 Ball Pool Game. Moreover, the developers have introduced cues on August 26, 2014. At present, there are  54 standard cues, 60 country cues, and 32 premium cues in this multiplayer game. Moreover, every cue has its own distinctive shape and size. The design and statistics are the attributes of every cue. Moreover, Black Hole Cue and Galaxy Cue are the most expensive cues of the 8 Ball Pool Game. You can get Lucky 8 Cue through participation in Spin and Win.

Every cue has various attributes:

  • Aim: it will define and determine the length of your aim-line during a shot
  • Time: this will determine how much time you need for a shot
  • Spin: the amount of spin you can add to your shot
  • Force: it will decide how hard you can hit a ball during a game

How To Get Free Legendary Cue?

If you have cash for the 8 Ball Pool Game, you can buy different surprise boxes and can get a cue. Moreover, you need to have 4 pieces of the same cue to get a legendary cue.

Spin The Wheel

This is the simple and best way to get a free cue by opening a surprise box. However, it is not guaranteed that you will get this reward. This wheel is providing you a chance to get several magic boxes and a daily free spin. Moreover, you can spin the lucky wheel without playing a match. You need to have 130 Cash to buy this cue.

Win 8 Ball Pool Leagues

You can gain a lot of cash by playing and winning 8 Ball Pool Leagues. Moreover, winning leagues is not easy for every player. For this, we have to apply different tricks for winning the league.

Use Trick-shots  (How to Get Free Legendary Cue)

Some of the trick-shots are very easy. So, you need to complete the easy trick-shots before going to complete harder ones. In trick-shot, you don’t need to pull off an easy shot;  you will bounce the cue ball off the cushion to pot a ball. Moreover, the issue related to trick-shots is that they can go wrong and backfire due to lack of attentiveness. You can visit Miniclip for more updates about the 8 Ball Pool Game.




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