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8 Ball Pool Game was released in October 2010. From the date of release, there are several updates to the version of the game that has taken place. The purpose of every version was to add something new to the game to provide easiness for the players of the game. So, you can say that updating the game is necessary to enjoy new features in the game. Modification of the version for this game is also essential to give more compatibility to the players. 8 Ball Pool Latest Mod v5.0.1 Apk is also an updated version of the game which is available on Miniclip.

8 Ball Pool Game Latest Version

5.0.1 is the most latest modded version of the game 8 Ball Pool. It was updated on July 21, 2020. You can download it from Google PlayStore as well as Miniclip in form of a file 64.31 MB. This modded version is containing long lines which will help players to play this game carefully to avoid the ban. So, 8 Ball Pool Latest Mod v5.0.1 is helping the players to play the game in a safe mode. The players of the game are very happy with the update of the version which is making sure for payers to play the game without any danger of ban. Moreover, this updated version will enhance the security of your personal device. So, your personal data will get an extra layer of protection with the updating of the game as the update is continuing all features along with security.

What is New in this Update?

This new update is introducing collection power which will help you to level up your Cue Collections by getting cues and upgrading them. The more cues and their higher levels will help you to earn more rewards. Moreover, a unique frame has been introduced to use for your cues around your Bonus Stats and avatars.

You can download the latest update by clicking below to get your hands with new features.




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